I can’t wait for my cuckolding husband to catch me…

Max, the gardener is one fine specimen for the next cuckolding event.  He’s got lots of muscles, very handsome and readily available.  He comes to the house once a week and stays for at least half of the day.

I enjoy getting my hands in the dirt, so I go out in a cute little outfit and help Max.  I find that I have to do a lot of bending over and it always seems to be right in front of him.  And today I’m going to time things just right so that my cuckolding husband will be coming home just at the right time.

When I told Max about the cuckolding husband I have, he seemed very interested.  And he wanted me to tell him all about the fun we have with my husbands new found fetish.  So I explained our other cuckolding encounters and I could see the bulge build in the shorts as I spoke to him.

The day was very warm and I felt the need to take my t-shirt off, didn’t want to get it dirty.  I turned towards him as I lifted my shirt over my head and brought my arms down, folding my shirt while smiling at Max.  Then I reach my hands behind me and undo my pretty pink lacy bra.  I lift the cups of the bra, showing him my titties.

His smile and bulge seem to grow at the same time.

Now’s my chance to ask him if he wants to fuck me while my cuckolding husband watches us.  After I ask him, his mouth drops open.  And I put my hand down inside my shorts then get my fingers all wet with pussy juice.  Watching Max the whole time and I can’t resist putting my fingers up to my mouth and licking and sucking on them.

Call me and I’ll tell you how the story ends…!!!

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