Cuckolding Husband and the Delivery Guy. Can’t wait for the package!

My delivery guy is one fine specimen.  He’s tall, lean and has a wonderful smile. I can’t help myself from wondering what he has hidden away in his pants.  And of course, he’s half my cuckolding husband’s age.  Probably one of those cocks that get hard over and over, again and again, all that nice warm, wet cum.

The cuckolding husband of mine has seen this man on occasion and mentioned that he thought he looked like my type.  So I guess that makes him a prospect bull.

The knock on the door.  We have a huge old-fashioned door knocker in the middle of the front door that can be heard all over the house.  I walk by the open bedroom door and notice my cuckolding husband standing in the middle of the room, naked, rubbing his cock.  He tells me to bring him up.  Then he turns and walks to his easy chair in one of the corners of the room.

I head down the stairs to answer the door.  Would you like to know what I’m wearing?  A very pretty, simple, long white silk nightie.  It has spaghetti straps going over each shoulder, nice deep slits going up each side and three pretty silver buttons going down a very low-cut front.  And the back of the nightie goes all the way down to the crack of my ass.

I answer the door with a smile and a very seductive “hello”.

I put out my hand and make an inward motion for him to enter the house.  He offers me my package and I take it and sit it on the table, never taking my eyes off his eyes.  And I explain that’s not the package that’s holding my interests right now.  I look at his package and notice it growing right before my eyes.

Bringing my eyes back to his, I wink and say “follow me; this is your lucky day”.  I take his hand in mine and we walk up the stairs together.  While we make our way to my cuckolding husband, I can feel my pussy getting wetter and imagine his cock getting harder.

I open the bedroom door, we walk in and I introduce the cuckolding husband to the delivery guy.

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