Cuckolding.  Keeping it all within the company!

The cuckolding husband strikes again.  I’m deciding what to wear when meeting the arriving guests.  It will be in the afternoon so nothing too sexy.  The sexy outfit will be later on for our evening get together, our wine and dine time.

The meet and greet attire will be a simple summer sun dress, a real pretty green in a fern print.  And a nice pair of Bass black leather flip flops on my feet.  My toenails and fingernails will be painted with a pretty deep red, almost maroon, polish.

All the guest arrive with smiles and the happiness of being north and out of the city.   I wonder how many men on the guest list would want to be the cuckolding husband that mine has become.  So let the party begin!

I’m looking forward to the wining and dining it will be an outdoor event.  The big beautiful patio, nicely lit, tables all set and champagne chilling.

It’s nice having my husband home.  He and his business partner, Rich, have had their heads together ever since he arrived.  I wonder what they are talking about, with all the smiling going on.  So with all the smiling it means that it’s not business.

That means they’re talking about pleasure and by the bulges in their pants it must be about sex.

Rich is a very nice looking man.  He’s younger than my husband by some ten to twelve years.  I think I’ll go and tell him that he needs to get out of that stuffy suit and tie.  I can’t wait to see what his idea of comfortable clothes will be.

Oh, how I would love to see the partners cock and wrap my lips around the head with my cuckolding husband watching and stroking his own cock and I’ve heard Rich is nicely hung!

Give me a call and I’ll tell you all about the party!

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