The cuckolding husband is going on his yearly hunting trip.

He’s going to stay with his brother in Alaska.  And he has asked me to go with him. I’ve been waiting for this trip since forever.  And now that my cuckolding husband has had a taste of being a cuckold, he can’t get enough.

His brother is his identical twin.  I’m very anxious to see if their cock and balls are identical also.

It’s very cold the day we arrive, staying by the fire kind of day.  We always start our visit with smoking some of brother dear’s finest weed.  Alaskan grown as they say.  And smoking weed always makes my cuckolding husband very horny.  My husband smiles at me and says to his brother “Don’t you think my wife is very attractive and fuckable ?”  the brother seems very surprised to hear what has just been said.  But is looking at me with a look I’ve never seen before.  He’s smiling from ear to ear and almost licking his lips.  So I wink at him!

Let the Game begin!!!

I start to take off my clothes as they both watch from their positions on the couch.  Soon both cocks come out and they begin to stroke themselves.  After I take off all my clothing, I walk to the brother and drop to my knees in between his legs.  Taking his cock in my hand, I put my lips to the head of his cock and give it a kiss.  My mind can’t help but wonder what the brother is thinking right now.  I continue to give him a blow job while my cuckolding husband watches us.  And he’s stroking his cock, smiling at his brother.

When his brother’s cock is nice and hard, I stand, turn around and sit in his lap so that his cock is positioned between my pussy lips.  I start to move and take my hand and guide his hard cock into my wet pussy.  Then I start to ride my brother-in-law’s cock, while my cuckolding husband watches.  I call that “keeping it all in the family”!

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