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When I woke up this morning I was in the mood for cuckolding my hubby and getting pampered. As I rolled over to pick up my phone I called my sissy boy hubby, James into the bedroom. James was already dressed in a tiny pair of ruffle butt panties and bra. He came into the bedroom carrying my coffee and a fresh bagel with cream cheese. As a reward for bringing me breakfast, I spread my legs and let James lick the morning dew off of my pussy. James lapped at my pussy while I made an appointment at the salon.

“James,” I said sweetly, “I need $800 for the salon and shopping.”

He stopped licking my pussy and muttered something about not having enough cash for the day of pampering that I had just scheduled. I closed my legs and pushed James back with my foot. There is no point of letting James have any more pussy if he can’t finance my spa day.

James begged for me to open my legs, for one more taste of my pussy.  I Got out of bed and walked towards the shower with James trailing behind begging to wash me. In the end, James relented, giving me $1,000 for a spa day, lunch and shopping. But as punishment for trying to withhold cash, James isn’t allowed to touch my pussy for the rest of the day.

At the spa a had a full day of pampering; I had my hair done, a full body massage and a mani-pedi.

The only downside to the day is that I had spent all of the money James had given me this morning, and I still needed cash to meet my favorite boy toy, Malcolm for lunch. I called James and told him to transfer $500 to my account for lunch and drinks with Malcolm. My plan for the afternoon is to have a wonderful lunch then take Malcolm home with me to cuckold my sissy boy hubby. I met Malcolm for lunch about an hour later. After spending so much time with a sissy boy cuckold like James, I love spending time with a dominant alpha male like Malcolm.

At 6’3 with broad shoulders, beautiful cocoa brown skin, and thick 10-inch big black cock, Malcolm was a god among men. Malcolm and I teased and flirted throughout lunch. I loved the way Malcolm ran his hand under my skirt and teased my pussy. His touch always got me so wet.

After lunch, I suggested to Malcolm that we go back to my place.

As we drive back to my house, I call James. I tell that I am on my way home and I expect him to be dressed in his pink panties and matching bra with cocktails at the ready. Malcom smiles, because he knows we will be cuckolding my sissy boy bitch husband tonitght. James hears my car pull into the driveway and opened the door for me and Malcolm. Like a good sissy cuckold, James had beers ready for Malcolm and martinis for me. As Malcolm sipped his beer, I pulled out his massive 10-in cock. I pushed James’ sissy mouth onto Malcolm’s thick black cock. As sissy James gets Malcom ready for me, Malcolm slid his fingers under my skirt and began to finger fuck my wet snatch.

I pulled sissy James’ head away from Malcolm’s cock. I ordered James to sit on the floor in front of us. Then I slide off my skirt spread my legs and lowered my pussy slowly onto Malcolm’s big black cock. Sissy James watched intently as Malcolm’s thick black cock spread my pussy open. Sissy James’ tiny 4-inch cock began the throb as he watched me slide down Malcolm’s beautiful cock. Malcolm’s cock exploded as he shot a hot load of cum deep into my hole. As Malcolm slid his cock out of me, I told sissy James to crawl over to me and lick the cum of my snatch.

James’ 4-inch cock began to dribble cum into his sissy panties as he scooped Malcolm’s jizz out of me.

When I was satisfied that my pussy was once again cum free. I told James to give Malcolm $200 to cover the cost of an Uber back to Malcolm’s car. James gave me a look that said he didn’t want to give Malcolm the money, but James knows that cuckolding from me costs money and lots of it. And if he wants to taste my pussy in the morning James will give me every last cent.

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