My new stepmom has been cuckolding my dad with the family dog.

It didn’t surprise me to learn that my dad’s new marriage (i.e., mail order bride) has resulted in nothing but cuckolding humiliation for him. During my brief appearance at his unglamorous condo on Christmas, I sensed something was going on, powerplay-wise. I also noticed the black lab puppy Dad had bought when my stepmom and her young son first moved in wasn’t a puppy anymore. He was full-grown.

I didn’t hang around long, but I got the impression my stepmom was being more affectionate to the dog than my dad. Maybe that wouldn’t have seemed so weird if she wasn’t so affectionate. She let the dog give her kisses right on her mouth. I thought I saw her sticking her tongue in the dog’s mouth, too, but tried to convince myself I was imagining it.

Last week, I decided to stop by and check in on Dad unannounced. My nagging suspicion that something unusual was going on over there lingered. Before knocking, I peered into the living room window. And I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was like one of the wild fetish phone sex stories I’d heard right in front of my eyes.

My tiny, quiet, seemingly demure stepmom was on all fours on the floor with her ass in the air. That huge lab had its fully erect, red dick pumping in and out of her. I couldn’t see her pussy or how wet it was from my little window peephole, but she seemed pretty fucking aroused. Where was my dad as his new, nubile Filipino wife was being brutally pounded by this huge dog’s cock??


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