Cuckolding my cheating boyfriend!

Cuckolding and how I handled it! My boyfriend cheated on me again. I have had enough! My bags are packed and I’m leaving him for good! Jason stopped me as I walked to my car. He begged me to stay; he swore he could be faithful and love me the way that I deserve. Against my better judgment, I am going to give him another chance. I told him I would stay on one condition; he has to wear a chastity device. After six years together it has become apparent to me that he is too irresponsible to let his cock continue to live free-range. After locking up his cock, I decided that isn’t enough punishment for how he’s treated me. I want real revenge. I want him to see me fuck another man. To get real revenge, I am going to make Jason a cuckold.

Jason’s cheating cock has been safely locked away in a gilded cage for a little over a week. Now I can put my plan into action. First finding a strong Dominate male to start the cuckolding process.  I know that Jason is dying to get out of his cock cage, but he’s playing along with me trying to stay on my good side. He doesn’t know that he is going be forced to start cuckolding soon. They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but my revenge is served up hot with the help from the cock of a strong Dominate Male.

Tonight I’m going to leave Jason, and his cock caged up.

I’m going to put on my favorite little black dress, and find the perfect man to cuckold Jason. I want to show him what it feels like to be cheated on, embarrassed, and humiliated. I want him to get excited by the sight of me deep throating hard cock knowing that his cock cage is keeping him from jerking off. The thought of turning my boyfriend into a helpless cuckold is turning me on and making my pussy wet. All I need now is a partner in crime. Care to join me?


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke