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I love talking to my older married female friends, or as I call them: the real cuckold wives of Cincinnati. What wittier, more incisive, and hotter group of lady friends could I possibly ask for??

Cincinnati is crawling with cucks, but bulls are like unicorns. Every now and then, however, one of my gal pals tells me about how she found a real winner. Thank GODDESS!

Yesterday morning, one of these formidable females came over for our semi-regular Sunday coffee chat. Even as I greeted her at the door I could tell she had something extra juicy to reveal, just by the perverted gleam in her eye.

The only thing more refreshing than fresh coffee to me is a nasty, confessions-style adult chat. Just as I suspected, my friend started dishing about the new bull she’d found to fuck her senseless. I actually gasped out loud when she told me how big his cock was: TEN inches. And that was when it wasn’t even fully erect.

She told me about how they’d met over an app for cuckold wives. After hours (and then weeks) of scrolling through sub-par studs, a handsome young black man with tattoos and big muscles graced her screen. They met up later that night, of course.

After their first fuck session, she arranged for him to cum by her place the following night at a time she knew her husband would be home. He showed up at 7 pm on the dot, red roses and champagne in hand. Her husband is the kind of cuckold phone sex lover who gets off on the deeper, emotional humiliation.

Naturally, she had him take a break from preparing dinner to answer the door. She watched from the foyer, eager to see his reaction to her date.


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