Cuckold wives should have their own show

Cuckold wives, no, Desperate Cuckold Wives should totally be a thing.  Imagine a neighborhood full of wives with cucks for husbands.  Now imagine every gardener, pool boy, delivery boy, etc…being hung to the fucking kneecaps and black.  Aaaaand scheme.  Omg, I would watch the hell out of this show and, you know what?  So would a lot of men.  I can just imagine men in denial about their cocksizes (who insist that six inches are totally adequate) stroking their dicks to each and every plotline.

Poor cuck hubbies

Every time they come home from work, they have to wonder if someone’s been in their house…and their wife.  They also have to watch as their landscapers and plumbers and everyone else who stop by ogle their hot wives who haven’t slept with them in ages because of her headaches.  Those poor cuck hubbies also seem to notice that all of these men who stop by the place just so happen to be black, too.  They might be a little angry but, deep down, they really just wanna watch.  Or even better.  Clean up afterwards.  Hey jealousy manifests itself in different ways.  It’s totally possible to come to love the thing you hate.

Can you imagine having a smoking hot wife that you couldn’t fuck?  Or maybe, you do fuck her occasionally and she has to fight the urge to fall asleep when you do.  Now imagine a real cock entering the mix and servicing your wife right.  Imagine her screaming and squirting for the first time since she married you because she’s getting a taste of big, beefy cock again.  Mmm wouldn’t you like to see that?  Wouldn’t you like to see your wife be so happy?  Hollywood!  Get on this shit, now!

Cuckold stories is an underrepresented genre.  I’ll give you more than you can handle once you call my phone sex line!