Being the cuckold wife was not in my plans

Cuckold wife. I was the cuckoldress, you know, the head bitch, head honcho, head everything when it came to our sex life. And was bringing guys home all the time and having my way with them and you. Don’t you remember the very first time I brought a guy home for us to play with? He was this big black beautiful big cock man. I remember how I got you to do what I wanted with him. By telling you that a bigger cock is necessary for me to be satisfied and you must suck on that big cock first! Trust me you’ll love it, I tell you.

I should  have known as he was gaining more confidence

I should have known the first time we had a threesome with another woman. Therefore, I should have known what you were up to. Sure we had threesomes with another woman a few times, I didn’t think anything of it. But I should have known what was happening when I came home and caught you with her and when I tried to object to that you just looked at me and told me to shut up. You will do what you want and I will like it!

As a woman that is not used to being talked to in that manner, it came as quite a shock. I couldn’t believe I was being treated this way. Getting a taste of my own medicine was not in my plans and I never thought it would happen to me. Becoming a cuckold wife is now my place I guess. But being a cuckold wife has turned into some hot phone sex with us. I have gotten used to it, now it is fun and I know how he felt and it is exhilarating.

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