Cuckold – When the Wife is Busy, Call Us

Isn’t it nice when your being a good little cuckold, letting your wife get pounded in your marital bed, while you pick up the phone and have some fun of your own?  I have a special cuckold do just that!  His wife was in the next room getting pounded, having a party of her own, while her husband was left to fend for himself.  I have to say, it was pretty fucking hot!  Let me tell you all about it!

Most people would feel sorry for him.  His wife in their bed, skin slapping, her moaning and screaming, while he sits in the next room listening in.  Sometimes she lets him watch, but not tonight.  Tonight she gave him permission to call me and tell me everything he was hearing and feeling.  Most men would feel jealous, but not a cuckold.  He loved hearing her getting satisfied in ways he knew he couldn’t.  Her moans echoed off the walls like they never do with just the two of them.  His cock was hard and throbbing.  He got harder and harder the more I laughed at him.  Knows only a real man could make his wife that happy. He just isn’t man enough.

Finally, he could hear the moans change.

 He knew his wife was close to coming.  She was close to that mind blowing, squirting orgasm she only gets from other men.  It was almost his turn to enter the room.  He was nothing but the clean up crew.  It was his job to lick at her puffy, swollen pussy lips and taste another man’s cum.  He gets the pleasure of sleeping in the wet sheets and love puddles from her wild night.  He gets to slip away to dreams of one day making her scream in such a way.  But that night was not tonight.

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