Once we began the cuckold lifestyle, I was officially a cuckold wife. We had to make some adjustments to our lives for this lifestyle to work. My husband was quite the trooper, or so I thought. Then I realized he loved it as much as I did.

He enjoyed the excursions to clubs and events to find candidates to bring home. As we watched the crowds Leo’s face was wide with excitement. The men we talked to were not always up for the fun we offered. Some thought we were nuts. When that happened, we moved on to the next candidate.

Once we had agreeable chaps, we all headed back to our place.

On arriving at our home, my husband Leo always got everyone drinks. On this occasion, I was feeling much randier. I decided I wanted to do a train, so we invited about 8 guys back to the house to play. It was going to be a cuckold wife’s dream party!

Leo took his spot in the chair across from us. We had a huge entertainment sofa unit. Plenty of room for us to have fun. The guys all stood around me and started removing my clothes. Then they disrobed and stood in a circle playing with their cocks. I was working my way around the circle holding and licking the gorgeous, hard dicks in front of me. Loving the experience to help me at GILF phone sex.

I gave my husband permission to get undressed. I could see his rock-hard cock bulging through his pants. Once he was undressed and sitting back down we started to make fun of him. Humiliating him and making sure he knew what a loser he was. We laughed and taunted him for quite some time. He got so turned on by the torture he shot a big load.

The guys turned their attention back to our fun. We moved to a comfortable spot and proceeded to start making out with each other. I had chosen guys that loved to be with men and women. That way we all got off together. As we were going at it, Leo was getting turned on again and that cock of his stood back at attention. He loved us having a cuckold relationship, it served us both well!

We were a pile of sexual debauchery.

As we were finding our way around each other, we got so excited and turned on. I loved watching the guys not with me, sucking and fucking each other. I made sure they knew not to come into a hole unless it was a hole Leo could clean out. At this comment, Leo’s face went a bit white but he knew it was out of his control.

Leo watched and as the guys released their loads, I had Leo on standby right beside us. He was instructed to work his way around eating creampies from every hole that had been filled with semen. Bringing him into the mix turned the guys on even more. They touched him and started grabbing at his cock. Without his permission, they proceeded to bring him to a climax.

Our night went on for hours and hours. It was one hell of a party! All of us were spent by the end of the night and crashed right there on our floor. It was so much fun and I love to have fun!

Cuckold Wife Frankie