If I can’t have him, I’ll cuckold him.

When my Ex invited me to his wedding I wasn’t expecting to cuckold him! We had been broken up for almost five years but in some ways, I wasn’t over him. Adam was my first and only real love, the guy that I’ve compared all of my other boyfriends too.

It was weird to watch him get hitched. I was happy for him and his bride, they really were in love… but a piece of me was heartbroken and pissed off too! We were great together and to this day there’s still a spark neither of us can deny. I wanted to travel and see the country and he wanted to stay in our hometown. Couldn’t wait around for him anymore so we broke up– I’ve always been an adventurous and wild girl. I know I gave him a Girlfriend Experience that he couldn’t forget, but when it came down to it he just couldn’t match my fire.

The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was a blast. I kept catching Adam look over at me but there was another man that had caught my eye… his brother! I couldn’t believe how much Kevin had grown up, he had lost all that baby fat and was looking toned, handsome and sexy as hell in his suit.

Kevin had always been jealous of his big brother so he jumped at the opportunity to dance and flirt with me. We had been dancing for at least an hour and were getting kinda hot and heavy. I reached down to see how much Kevin had “grown up” in his pants as a well and was happily surprised by what I found… Kevin was a big boy! I looked up at him, laughed and kissed him deep on the mouth.

I noticed Adam watching us in shock as I pressed myself against his brother… the attention it was getting me made me so wet. “Let’s get out of here?” I whispered in Kevin’s ear.

I took him to a storage closet. He pushed me against the wall, dropped to his knees and lifted up my dress to bury his face in my pussy. Pulling my panties to the side, he sucked and teased my clit. He was so good at eating pussy, so much better than Adam. Just as I was moaning Kevin’s name, Adam walked in!

“What the hell, The Queen! Kevin? What are you doing?”

“Adam, you made your decision a long time ago. I can do whatever the fuck I want and you know that. I bet you’re only upset because you’re jealous! You miss fucking me, don’t you?” I looked down at Kevin and laughed, pushing his head back into my wet pussy. He happily went back to work at my delicious cunt.

Adam didn’t answer. He quietly watched us and I began to moan loudly just to rub it in. I played with my nipples through my dress while Kevin’s head bobbed, lapping up my juices and fucking me with his tongue.

“I bet you wish that this was you, Adam. Do you miss the way my pussy tastes?”

Again, he didn’t answer… but he didn’t leave the room either. I lifted up my skirt so Adam could get a better view as his brother’s fingers disappeared inside of me. Pumping away at my pussy with his hand, it didn’t take long before my body exploded in an orgasm. I cried out “Kevin” as I came, my body shaking and erupting with pleasure.

Adam was sweating, looking absolutely torn with desire and jealousy. I loved it, I loved making him my cuckold. It made me so horny I invited Kevin back to my hotel room. We left the storage closet walking hand in hand, stopping briefly so that I could tell Adam, “Congratulations! It was a beautiful ceremony.”

Phone Sex!