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You come home from work and see there is a car in the driveway that isn’t one that you recognize. So, you walk in a bit fast to find me on the couch with a big black guy. I’m flirting and giggling with him and you say “Hey, what’s going on here?” I look to you and say “Oh, I just wanted to have a friend come over and… play.”

You get visibly angry and say “But… but… we are together. What are you doing?” I laugh and say “Well, you can get so boring. And I really wanted a nice big cock to stretch me out. Wanna watch?”

You look at me and nod yes. You try to hide your erection you have in your khakis. We head to the bedroom where the BBC grabs me and kisses me and rips my clothes off. I let him take over my body and do with me what he pleases.

His big strong hands and arms force me onto the bed, I tell you to sit on the edge to watch. “Don’t forget to start stroking your cock.” The BBC starts to take his humongous cock and slap my push with it. I moan and tell him to fuck me NOW.

He starts to slowly push his way into my pussy.

I moan because he’s stretching me out so much and it feels so good. You start stroking faster but I tell you to stop before you cum. “You can’t cum until I say so!” And you stop stroking just like that.

I tell you to get under me to watch as I get fucked and how much he stretches me out. You obey and watch how hard my pussy gets pounded by this massive black cock. And you watch in awe as my pussy takes every inch. I then take my finger and lightly run it up your shaft and head.

You quiver and ask if you may stroke again, I sigh and tell you sure. You eagerly begin stroking again, your cock twitching in your hand. You’re about to shoot your load but I catch you and make you stop again. I smile and tell you to reach up and spread my pussy lips.

The BBC takes his cock out and you spread my lips. I tell you to stick your tongue out and taste my pussy juices. You lap at my pussy like a thirsty puppy. And I laugh and blow hot breath onto your cock to tease you some more.

I have you take your mouth off of my pussy and keep my lips spread wide so the BBC can enter me. And so you watch as every inch of that thick cock disappears inside of me. You suddenly feel like a perverted old man but I tell you to keep stroking for me.

You know that you are going to lose control if I let you. But, I won’t do that at all. The BBC starts making me cum and shortly after that he shoots a load into my pussy. I laugh and tell you to open wide. You obey me and open your mouth wide as you stroke your cock.

You see the white cream starting to drip.

I start by dripping his hot load into your mouth and letting you taste the two of us. You swallow every drop and then lick my pussy as you continue to stroke. And of course, you ask “May I cum, please?!” I roll my eyes, sigh, and say “I fucking guess so. Go ahead. Blow your load.”

And you explode into an intense orgasm and tell me I am “a cuckold tease princess.” I laugh and say “Well, duh, I know that. Now, get out from under me and clean yourself up.” And I just kiss the BBC goodbye and we go on about our day like normal but you can’t stop thinking about it.

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