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I love hearing stories about callers who are being brutally cuckolded by their hotwife. You paid for her tits, now other men get to enjoy them. How fucked up is that?? Haha. It’s not fucked up in your case, worm. It’s poetic fucking justice. Duh.

I bet your wife’s new man calls YOU up before setting up a date with her. And I bet YOU are the one who has to shave her pussy before showtime, too. It’s true, isn’t it? Haha. Tell me some hilarious, sad shit about your taboo phone sex cuckold fantasy. The harder you make me laugh, the more I’ll consider letting you and your (unimpressive) dick cum!

Who is the lucky guy who gets to fuck your wife, anyway? Is it your boss? Your neighbor? Your brother?? Everyone knows it’s not you giving it to her. And that leads me to my next question: are you sure you aren’t just jealous of her getting a big dick? Are you just being a closeted, covetous little shit?? Dig deep here, faggot.

Let’s be real, bitch: you need a shoulder to cry on. Furthermore, you need to cum in your own mouth. Ever done that trick before? Either way, you’re going to do it for me. What better un-grand finale to emasculate a little cuckold slut like you??

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