Cuckold sex story about my boyfriend and our hot neighbor Marcus with his BBC.

My cuckold boyfriend and I had somewhat of a rocky start. It was all fine in the beginning, but something was missing. You see, Derek, my boyfriend, is a great guy. He’s handsome, has a good job, takes me shopping. But our life in the bedroom was, well, coming up a little short if you know what I mean. I dealt with it for a while. I mean, what’s the big deal if I need to be bored for five minutes a couple of times a week if it means my closet is full of designer bags and Louis Vuitton. This is where our cuckold sex story begins. 

Derek’s real saving grace in this time was that he loves eating pussy.

After about six months together we moved into a condo and our sex life was him on his knees at the edge of the bed sucking my clit as if his life depended on it while he stroked his little dick. This is where our cuckold sex story begins. He was such a good boy that he’d always make sure I finished even after he spilled his little load all over the floor. We were happy like that for a while. It certainly didn’t bother me that I always could come home to a boyfriend just begging to give me some head. Let me tell you, nothing beats riding a man’s face to orgasm after a thirty-minute spin class. Really loosens the muscles up. That was all fine, but sometimes a girl needs to be filled.

That’s where our new neighbor, Marcus, came into our cuckold sex story.

Marcus was recently retired from the NFL. He wasn’t a big star there, only spent four seasons in the league, but in our building, he was the biggest star around. In more ways than one. It didn’t take long for me to start fantasizing about those chiseled abs and that bulge in his sweatpants while my little dicked white boyfriend polished my pearl every night. Eventually, it just happened. One night, when my boyfriend was working late, I slipped on some black thigh highs, a matching lacey bra and garter belt, some very sexy heels that Derek had bought for me that week, and marched down the hall and knocked on Marcus’ door.

I got my fill that night. Marcus filled my mouth and my pussy with his massive black dick.

It was a struggle to take it, but I lost count of how many times I came. By the time I got out of there, I could barely walk and collapsed on my bed. Well, when my boyfriend came home and found me in that outfit he just figured it was a treat for him. He got down on his knees just like all little dicked white boys should and started eating my freshly pounded pussy. I almost stopped him, but he is very talented with that tongue and didn’t seem to notice the two loads of cum that Marcus had pumped into me just an hour before.

That got me thinking about two things. The first was how good it felt to have Derek sucking on my clit. It was so sensitive after the marathon fuck session I had just gone through with a huge BBC (big black cock) attached to my very sexy neighbor.

The second was that maybe my almost perfect boyfriend didn’t have to stop being that just because I was getting some good BBC on the side. Hell, he didn’t seem to mind that he was unwittingly slurping up two monster loads that Marcus had left in me. Looks like I’m turning him into a cuckold. If you love this, you might like My Horny Neighbor

Right then and there I put my theory to the test.

I had Derek pull his BBC cock out. It looked even smaller after I had seen what Marcus was packing.  I made sure to stop him whenever he got too close to cumming. He was so pathetic, on his knees with that tiny white dick in his hand. I had him whimpering and begging to cum. I made sure he knew why he was only allowed to eat me.

That poor little white boy dick just does nothing for me in this cuckold sex story.

Well, true to form he shot his puny load early. And all over my shoes. I just lifted them to his mouth and told him to clean them up. It took another two weeks of this every night of me getting blasted by the BBC. 

Then one night Derek came home to me sitting on the bed next to Marcus. I told him to sit down and let me show him what I needed. It was so hot seeing the look on his face when I spread my legs and was stuffed with ten inches of dark meat. It was even hotter seeing him stroke his baby dick through his pants as he watched. He even left a cum stain on his pants about fifteen seconds later. Well, once Marcus was finished and pulled his big black cock out, I told Derek to crawl over and do his job. I couldn’t believe how fast he was on the floor and knowingly cleaning that black man’s cum out of my swollen and sore cunt. My sex life is great now. I get the best of both worlds. 

Big black dick and cum eating white boy tongue.

He’s such a good boy now. He only complains when I swallow Marcus’ seed and he doesn’t get to taste it.

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