Some Of My Cuckold Sex Stories Will Make You Explode!

You know I have a ton of sex stories, well tonight, I’m going to tell you some of my cuckold sex stories. Just because I am in a cuckold kind of mood. When I was with my husband and he was being particularly annoying, my favorite way to get him in line was to make a cuck hubby out of him! It started off slow, me going behind his back and sleeping with strangers, just hugging the knowledge to me.

Then I started to tell him about my sexcapades. He would bluster and he would rage, but inevitably, two things would happen. The first thing that would happen is he would shape up and be a model husband. The second thing that would happen was our sex life would become so amazing! Bestial and Elemental even! And oh that made Melissa a very happy slut!

But then he came to me with the idea of a semi-open marriage. But only on my end. And only with people he didn’t know. And he wanted to hear all the juicy details. From the guided masturbation sessions I had with the random guy from the supermarket to the hot window steaming fuck I had with the trucker that picked me up at the gas station. While don’t get me wrong, it was pretty hot, it just didn’t have the same punishment aspect. So I started breaking some rules.

I started fucking his friends, relatives, and co-workers.

And once again those same two things would happen. But just like every shiny new toy, the sparkle wore off until he was ok with it. So one night I got brave and waited until just a few minutes until he was supposed to be home. I staged a nice little surprise for him.

When he came into the house, he heard me moaning. He assumed I was getting a little alone time with my pussy. The male noises confused him but he said later that he thought it must have been porn. Imagine his shock when he comes in and finds the paperboy pounding away (with a very very impressive cock) at his wife. Not only in their bed but on his side with his pillow propping her hips up so paperboy can drive in deeper. I saw his face.

The rage was there. But his pants told a different story. And when he reached down to massage his swollen cock through his slacks, I knew I had him. We locked eyes and I moaned loud. The paperboy smacked my ass hard and asked me who’s pussy it was. I smiled and panted “It’s your’s, baby! This pussy is all yours” As I stared into my hubby’s eyes. Yeah, he got the picture, some other dick was plumbing his pussy.

You like it so far? Want to hear more? What about the rest of my cuckold sex stories? I’m so willing to share. And then we can make some cuckold sex stories of our own! I love making stories together! It makes for some of the the best phone sex! Maybe you want another genre of sex stories.