Cuckold Sex Stories: I Tricked my Husband Into Becoming a Pathetic Cuckold!

Cuckold sex stories: a cuckold husband sometimes doesn’t realize he was meant to stand by and watch his wife get fucked by a bigger, longer and thicker cock. And sometimes, he may not know how much he enjoys it until he gives it a try. Here’s what I mean.

Last week my dear husband left on a business trip. I was happy to see him go, instantly reaching for my little black book of fuck buddies. I was getting bored of my dildos and the number of orgasms my puny husband had given me in the past year amounted to a big fat ZERO.

Did he know I’d been a lying whore for a few years now? Did it matter? More often than not, I’d come home from a night out with cum stains on my slutty dress, tell him I was horny and make him eat & lick my fresh cream pie. Maybe he believed that’s how I actually tasted when I became wet. Who the fuck knows.

Or perhaps he really did enjoy cuckold sex stories and just played dumb. Maybe he secretly fantasized about being in a cuckold relationship?

All I knew was that he fucking SUCKED in bed and he could never, EVER hope to satisfy me.

So I called Ty, a 6’4’’ beautiful black man equipped with a 10-inch monster cock and told him we were having a fuck fest that night. I invited him knowing that my husband would be calling as per norm around nine that night.

(See how boring he is…even his calling hours never fucking changed!)

My plan was pretty fucking simple. I’d tell my puny husband I would be using a brand new sex toy and have him listen to me fuck Ty.

Of course I knew Ty would have no problem having sex while on the phone and making a fool out of my ridiculous husband.

Did he pick up on the fact that I was sucking and choking on a huge BBC and not a new kinky sex toy? Or that when I began referring to it as a big monster cock, it’s because it actually was a real big monster cock?

Ty and I carried on our fuck fest for the next few nights until my husband returned home.

I’m hoping he’ll ask me to bring that big monster cock into our bedroom when he pathetically tries to fuck me once again.

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