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My husband’s dick is so small and even though he licks my pussy so good, it just isn’t enough I need that deep penetration. Sometimes I watch porn with my husband and he always gets so horny whenever we see a big black man fucking the hell out of some white chick. He watches that dick and licks his lips!

So, while I was out, I approached this gorgeous black man. He was 6’5 inches tall and so thick he was like a brick wall. I felt so tiny standing beside him. I didn’t waste any words I came straight to the point. You are hot, and I want to fuck you, I said with a smile. He did a double-take at this small blonde white woman. He looked around expecting someone to jump out and just kidding. I touched his arm lightly and said it again with the sexiest smile I could muster. His arm was as solid as rock, I am very serious I whispered. He looked down at the ring and back into my eyes. You married he said dryly. I said, yes and my husband is going to catch us if I time it just right. Are you game? Can you follow me home? He motioned for me to lead the way.

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Once we were inside, I guided him to the bathroom where I stripped his clothes and joined him in the shower and that is where he took all control from me. He lifted me high against the wall and slid my legs over his shoulders and he stood there with the water running over me and ate my pussy until I was panting. Then he slipped me down onto my knees and forced my face down to his 10 inches of thick black cock! I took it like a good cum slut whore can. It was then that my husband came into the bathroom. I looked over at him as the water was running over us and then turned back and slipped my mouth back over that BBC! My husband stood there watching as this guy kept pumping himself deeper into my throat.

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After some time, he lifted me and pushed me against the wall, he spread my legs and shoved his cock so deep inside my pussy with one hard thrust! I screamed as he stretched me so wide. He fucked my pussy so hard banging it at the same time he kept my face trapped against the wall with his hand. All I could do was stand there frozen as he banged my pussy so roughly. Just as he was Cumming inside me I started to explode around him, but he pulled out without warning and my husband fell to his knees and drank my cum as it squirted out of me. So much of his and my cum was pushed from my pussy with my climax. After I was through my husband turned and started sucking off that big black cock and licked him clean of all my pussy juices! It was so hot, I stood there watching as he worshiped the same cock that had just violated me so good!

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