Cuckold Sex Stories: He Was My Boyfriend’s Best Friend

If you like kinky cuckold sex stories about someone else fucking your wife/girlfriend, this story will be perfect for you! It was a stormy night outside. We had a party at our apartment. My boyfriend invited one of his friends over, and we were playing video games while drinking a few beers. I went into the kitchen to grab more drinks, and I noticed that his friend walked in behind me. He got very close and brushed his hand over my butt. I was taken aback, but turned on at the same time, especially knowing that my boyfriend was in the other room! He spun me around and pushed me up against the counter, fiercely kissing me. Unbeknownst to us, my boyfriend had walked in and was watching us.

As I saw him, I pulled away and was about to plead for forgiveness, when I saw that he had his cock out and was stroking it while he watched us.

He told us that he wanted us to continue, so I led his friend and him to our bedroom, where I stripped down naked. I helped his friend get naked, and in the process, I grabbed his super hard cock and started licking it while looking up at him. He picked me up off of the floor and put me on my hands and knees on the bed. He bent down and licked me, so deep and so seductively. I gasped in pleasure. I looked over at my boyfriend, and he was enjoying this just as much as we were.

He got me so nice and wet, and then slowly started putting his cock inside of me. It was so big and hard. I am so tight, that it hurt a little, but it felt so good! He started pumping me, grabbing my hair and pulling me back onto him. He pushed his cock into me so fast and blew his hot, warm load into me, moaning my name while he reached his climax, and while I reached mine too. I looked over at my boyfriend and saw that he had just finished too!

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