Cuckold Sex Stories – My Cock Is Bigger Than Yours!

Cuckold sex stories usually have two guys. One with a baby dick and one with a huge cock. Well, this is my twist on it and something I thought might be kind of fun. Consider it a mix between cuckold phone sex and strapon phone sex.

My girlfriend was really ranting to me one day over text about how tiny her boyfriend’s cock was. I offered to send my boy toy over and show him what a real cock looks like, but she’s a one-guy kinda gal. After a few hours banging my head against a wall – so to speak – I came up with something. Something that would make both of their heads spin.

I sent her a text explaining my plan.

To my surprise, she agreed so I went over with my toy. I put it on before I left and hid it under a bulky blanket I was carrying. Once she opened up the door I tossed the blanket on the floor so he could see it. “It” was a 10-inch thick strapon.

I pointed to the recliner and looked at her boyfriend. “You,” I told him, “go sit your candy ass over there.”

He hesitated and blinked, but eventually obeyed. My girlfriend smiled so sweetly, but she was already taking her clothes off. When she laid herself down on the couch I turned my attention to him.

“Do you know why I’m here?” He shook his head. “Because you have a piss poor, sorry excuse for a penis. Because you can’t satisfy your girl. Now, strip so I can see the little doorknob I have to work with.”

And off his pants went.

I snickered. “Well, lovely, it looks like my cock is much bigger than yours.” I gripped my cock with both hands and waltzed over to him. “But, don’t take my word for it. Go on,” I put my cock in his mouth, “suck it like you mean it.”

With that, I grabbed the back of his head and forced my cock down his throat. After he choked and drooled all over it enough I let him come up for air. That’s when the real fun began and I fucked the shit out of his girlfriend’s tight, dripping pussy. I did this all while I was telling him what a sad, pathetic sack of shit he was for not being a real man.

I hope you liked my twist on cuckold sex stories.

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