My brother-in-law = a perfect protagonist for surprise cuckold sex stories.

Cuckold sex stories like this one (part one is here) are almost too good to be true. Kyle, my brother-in-law, had no idea what was cumming to him.

Luckily, I’d brought my friend Vince along for this visit to my sister’s. And luckily, Vince just happened to be a tall, muscular, handsome black guy. Oh, did I mention he was hung??

My boyfriend eagerly agreed to play his part in the following night’s performance. It wasn’t quite so easy convincing my sister, however.

“Wow, Aileen. That seems pretty extreme. Are you sure all that’s necessary?? And, well, isn’t it cheating if I . . . . you know, do that with Vince?”

With feigned empathy, I assured my sister that there was no other way. And as far as her cheating concerns, those were easily assuaged by my reminders of her husband’s porn-obsessed, phone sex smut infidelities.

The next morning, I sat innocently with my sister over coffee and watched her inform Kyle that one of my old friends would be joining us for dinner that evening.

“Sure, that’s great. Have I met this one yet? Aileen has so many friends, it’s hard to keep track!” he responded, chuckling amiably.

“No, Kyle. You haven’t met Vince yet. But don’t worry, I have a feeling you’ll find him to be Grade A company.” I smiled wryly, barely able to contain my delight and amusement.

The day wore on and finally, supper time arrived. My sister jumped when the doorbell rang.

“Go on, get the door. What are you waiting for?” I more than half-ordered Kyle with an extra dash of “alpha bitch.”

Without watching, I could sense Kyle gulp as he saw my old friend .  . . particularly when he saw my old friend looked like one of the black studs from that cuckold porn he’d been watching every night.


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