Cuckold Sex Queen is the Gift that Keeps Giving

Becoming a cuckold sex queen has become a favorite way to get off.  Being married to someone that travels so much gives me plenty of time to be a naughty wife. In fact, making a cuckold of my husband has almost become a fetish for me.  Chatting with him on the phone while having a cock in my hand literally makes my pussy drip with juice.  And in the pursuit of my cuckolding, I’ve discovered the I have a serious hot cuckold sex addiction.  Recently my husband scheduled some repairs that allowed me to dive into both fetishes in yummy ways. Of course, that he scheduled it only got my juicy cunt hotter that much quicker.

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As I pulled into the driveway coming home from the yoga class in town, I couldn’t help smiling. Stepping out of my car, I couldn’t help staring at the crowd of men standing on my lawn.  They had been working on building the pool house in the backyard for the last two weeks.  Every one of them had a body that had me wondering what those sexy jeans were hiding.  Getting out of my car, no less than five of them came running to greet me.  Walking towards the front door with them all following close behind I a naughty smile began to grow.  A cuckold sex queen was about to get what she wanted.

Every chance I could get, I had been teasing every one of them with my hot body.  Swimming and lounging by the pool with only a very skimpy suit was a deliberate act of cock teasing.  And, of course, we all knew it.  Well, today was the day that I was going to get what I had been craving.  Watching thirty men walk around my yard without shirts got me thinking.  What would it feel like to have that many cocks pumping hot and juicy cum on my body at once?

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The foreman and I had been flirting for weeks.  That flirting had sometimes included mutual oral pleasure by the pool.  And the last time we shared cum with others, I told him about my fantasy of having a circle jerk of cum by the pool, A true hot cuckold sex queen kind of fantasy.   Well, today was no different.  We had a quick tryst in the kitchen.  And then, as I walked to my room to change, I yelled over my shoulder, “I’ll be by the pool.”

Walking out the back door, I smiled when I saw every last one of them doing “work” within 10 feet of the pool.  Standing by the chaise lounge, I deliberately looked around as I dropped my cover-up.  Gasps and groans of arousal filled the air as everyone stopped what they were doing—my naked body filled with heat as I sat down on the lounge.

 Hot and Juicy Cuckold Sex Queen

Laying back with my sunglasses perched on my face, I yelled into the yard, “Cum and get it, boys.”  As they slowly surrounded my chair, the foreman came forward.  “Are you saying what I think you’re saying, Mrs. Sinclair?”  Sliding my glasses down on my face, I peered at him over the top.  “I’m saying you work for me, and I believe I made it clear last time we spoke what I desire.”  Juicy cuckold sex queen fantasies were once again getting me off.

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Suddenly they moved closer, and everywhere I looked was a hard cock.  I felt the showers of cum pouring over every part of my naked body. I spread my legs.  Looking up, a hard cock was above my mouth.  Opening my mouth, the hot juice sliding into my mouth, I smiled.  My hot cunt was filled with another cock that blew sticky nectar into my sweet pussy.   As the sound of erotic pleasure filled the air, I thought of my husband.  Once again, he chose the right crew to get the job done.  My poor husband didn’t know how much fun his sexy wife had at his expense.  Of course, that’s often the way with a cuckold sex queen.

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