Cuckold Sex Heating Up My Sex Life With My Husband

Sex with my husband was going stale. I knew I had to do something to change it, and I was determined to make our love life sexier and more exciting, lest I lose my marriage. I knew cuckold sex was the answer.

While at a bar one night with my best friend Kimmie, we set out to find a suitable lover for me to take on. The night was coming to an end, without prospect, and suddenly, there he was. Tall, dark and handsome, like he just came off an ITALIAN VOGUE photo shoot. We immediately cornered him, flirting wildly with him, and I knew I had to have him. After a few drinks, I asked him to come home with me for a nightcap.

My Husband Was Waiting Up For Me When We Arrived

As usual, my husband was waiting up for me when we arrived home. I introduced my new friend, Giovanni, to my husband. I explained that Giovanni was a new friend of mine, and I was, therefore, hoping he would become a new friend to my husband. They chatted as I poured us a nightcap, Giovanni quick to tell my husband what a beautiful wife he had.

I seized the opportunity to flirt again with my new boyfriend, in front of my husband. Putting my arms around Giovanni, I cooed, “Why don’t you show me just how beautiful you think I am?”

Just then, he kissed me deeply, holding my face in his hands. He then reached down and grabbed my ass, pressing his body against mine. I did nothing to stop him, nor did my husband. It was obvious that I wanted him to fuck me, and I wanted my husband to watch.

Permission to Fuck Your Wife

Giovanni then asked my husband permission to “make love to me,” to which my husband grinned and nodded, “Only if I can watch!” Giovanni then proceeded to undress me, while my husband stroked his cock, watching while his wife got fucked by a stranger. He sucked my breasts tenderly, then my stomach, then my pussy, moaning how good I tasted. He made me cum in his mouth several times, much to my extreme pleasure. He then took out his hard cock, bent me over, and proceeded to fuck me in my pussy from behind. The pleasure was unbelievable, as I came three times more with his cock inside me. I then instructed my husband to join the fun, by sucking Giovanni’s cock. He happily obliged, making Giovanni cum in his mouth.

This scenario quickly became the norm for us, Giovanni servicing me frequently, in person and with the best phone sex ever! I loved the power that I had over my husband, knowing that I had enslaved him to watch me getting fucked by my new boyfriend, making my marriage hotter than ever!

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