Cuckold Sex With My Boyfriend Wants To Watch Me Fuck His Friends

My boyfriend wants to watch me fuck his friends, cuckold sex, and I don’t really know what to think about this. We’ve never really talked about it before, so I don’t know what to say to him. Of course, his friends are hot, and yes, I would love to fuck them. But we are in a committed relationship, so I have never considered this. But, he is proposing this to me, and I am turned on by the thought. Especially since they are hot, and he’s giving me a “free pass” to fuck his friends. Whoever gets the chance at this?

So, I tell him, yes, I’m in this game. He tells me his friends will be over tonight for a poker evening.  I dress in my sexiest black, tight-skinned dress with my highest black heels and black high thigh stockings, for him, and wait for these boys to see what their game is.

The Night Progresses

The night progresses, alcohol influenced conversations, flirting, seducing, and overtly confirming that, yes, I am ready and fuck my boyfriend’s friends, in front of him.

His best friend, Nick, begins to undress me. He takes my dress off, leaving my stockings and heels on, and grabs my tits as he owns me. He then instructs his friend, Tom, to finger my pussy, telling him to not stop until he makes me cum. I am so turned on by this, and, of course, cum into Tom’s nimble finger, hungry for more.

My boyfriend is so fucking turned on by this, and instructs us to carry on for him. My pussy is so fucking wet and turned on at this point, I can’t wait for more!!

I’m In Shock

Nick proceeds to fuck me, half dressed, in my pussy. I am in fucking heaven! I cum several times, waiting for my next orgasm. Tom mounts me, overly pleased with his huge cock, and want to continue to please me. I cannot believe the way I feel, so satisfied, by two different cocks, and not from my boyfriend! I am so pleased sexually. Never have I known this feeling before.

Never have I anticipated my boyfriend’s reaction. He is so happy, so overly pleased by this sexual “encounter.” He tells me very earnestly, “That was the best sex of my life, baby. I loved watching you getting fucked by other guys.”

That was the beginning of our new “turn on.” We have had many encounters like this, and, hopefully, more to cum!

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