My husband was not a bad guy. He was a good husband for years, providing for his family. Then he wasn’t able to please me and I am a sexual woman. I have enjoyed an amazing sex life. Teen sister sex was a great time for my sister and I. Leo was not as experienced as me. I need a lot of orgasms in my life baby! Hence, cuckold secrets mature couple life started. For years we had this secret life and it was super kinky and fun.

Leo was so into it and he enjoyed making sure I was happy. At first, he was in the background other than picking out our play partners when we were out. Once we got back to the house, he sat in his chair and watched us. Stroking his cock and being so obedient for me.

Cuckold Secrets Mature Couple was our tagline too!

That tagline on ads brought us many fun play partners. I didn’t have a preference and always was picking a variety of guys. Leo loved the younger guys and that is who he was picking for me. They were fun but to be honest most of the mature men I chose were very attentive to my needs. All of them added to our cuckold secrets mature couple lifestyle.

Young guys have insane stamina but they aren’t always into a sensual session. Making sure that this hot granny got hers too. I am very erotic and love to spend hours having sex and trying new things. Hence my nickname of Freaky Frankie. With all my experience it makes my GILF phone sex super hot!

Sex is very important to me, good sex is a necessity!

Not all the partners we brought home were good in bed. That was the risk we were taking as we ventured into the cuckold world. Then a friend we met on a fetish site suggested we try BBC for a good time. I have been with men that qualify for that BBC title in my life. I was younger and pre-marriage back then.

Leo was so excited, he was like a kid at Christmas. We started searching the ads to see what was available in our area. We found many different ads and guys that liked the idea of a cuckold connection. Some old, some young and all hung like a horse. Talking to each one through emails and phone calls, we sorted through the ones we like and don’t like.

The day has arrived for our BBC cuckold session.

I am getting excited as the day is slowly passing. What seems like a snail’s pace this day is taking forever to pass. Leo has called me from work at least 3 times to go over the details for tonight and make sure everything is taken care of. We have gotten some lovely food and wine for entertaining our guest of honor.

His name is John, and he is 33 years old. Nice man, an attorney that likes to live on the wild side after dark. He is 6’2″, extremely fit, obviously intelligent and has an 11-inch cock. Leo is beside himself with joy at our choice. Turns out my husband has a BBC obsession and I have never realized it.

John arrives and is absolutely stunning!

Our guest arrives and is gorgeous. He is such a nice guy and so fit. We invite him in and enjoy the food and wine, while we are getting to know each other. John leans in to give me a kiss. My knees practically buckle as his lips are magic.

At this point, Leo is a nervous Nelly with excitement and goes to his chair. Seeing how excited he is, I tell him to stay and play with us. His face is a plethora of emotions, as he happily sits down on the couch with us. John and I continue to kiss as he is undressing me.

We are all getting very turned on at this point!

Once we are all fully unclothed we start to caress and touch each other’s bodies. Leo is on the couch, and kissing my neck. John is sucking on my breasts as I tackle that BBC with a blow job. His cock is fucking incredible. Huge and strong, leaking pre-cum into my mouth. Moaning in pleasure he has found my breasts and is giving them plenty of attention.

He is pulling me from his dick as he is bending me over on the couch. Leo is positioning under us so that he is right under my pussy and John’s swinging balls. John is wasting no time as he is pounding my sweet cunt. In no time I am coming as is he. Our juices running down to Leo’s face and mouth.

As I am looking down at Leo, his face is a happy, goofy and sticky smile. Our BBC session is a success for both of us! This session definitely ramped up our cuckold secrets mature couple activities.

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