A Cuckold Revenge II : Brotherly Love

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“I’ll go freshen up, while you guys think over my proposition…. no strings, no one has to know, just remember it can be our little secret” I exited my kitchen, walking through my bedroom. I stopped and opened the door of the closet checking on my unlikely cuckold. He was so sexy sitting there restrained. I leaned forward and whispered ” The show’s about to begin Leo, you won’t want to miss it… Oh, and Rick’s cock, is so thick… I can’t wait to taste it”  I kissed the duct tape covering his mouth, and he angrily pulled away from me. He smelled of jealousy, and rage. I began petting him. ” Ohhh baby, don’t be that way… it’s not everyday I have 3 brothers in my home,and as good as you are in bed, how can you blame me for wanting to fuck them?” His eyes glared with rage, I blew him a kiss, told him to shhhhhh, and closed the closet door.

I walked back out into the kitchen, but this time I was wearing a tiny black  wide holed fish net body stocking dress, with black sheer seamed  stockings, and sky-high black Mary Jane heels. The brothers were still in my kitchen. ” I’m glad you both stayed” I said approaching Seth, my nipples so hard. I ran my hand over his chest.

I took them by the hand. ” Don’t you want to play, let’s go in my room. I think we will be more comfortable there.” I walked the boys through my living room, looking back at them and smiling. Walking past the closet, I grinned. I motioned for them to sit down on the bed. I walked over and hit play on my iPod. Sexual Hallucination hummed throughout my bedroom. I stood there in front of these 2 brothers, while the 3rd, my unlikely cuckold, stayed quiet in my closet.

Climbing atop Rick, I straddled his young body, my long red hair falling down in his face. I leaned down and kissed him deeply, pushing my tongue deep into his mouth and grinding my pussy against his tensing member. I broke the kiss, when I felt a hand on my ass. I looked over at Seth, who was finishing his drink, and running his tongue across his bottom lip, like a hungry dog. His hands were rough, and he kneaded my ass with them, groping me like a whore. I looked over to the open slats in the closet, and smiled with a wink.

On my bed, Rick laid relaxed. His hard cock standing at attention, just waiting for my hungry mouth. I was between his legs, my back arched and my ass in the air. Seth was licking my pussy from behind, while I serviced his brother. Rick touched me so gently, nothing like Leo. Leo was rough and aggressive, and I craved him, but Rick touched me in almost a loving way. My eyes locked onto his as I showed him just how perfected my oral skills were. Seth was kissing and sucking each of my pussy lips, I felt myself puffing up in his mouth. He licked from my clit to my asshole. Planting little soft sucks with each motion. I felt Rick swelling in my mouth, I knew if I kept sucking, he would cum… so I stopped.

” I want you inside me, when you cum Rick… pleaseeee fuck me!” He didn’t hesitate. He laid me on my back, and fucked me sensually. I lay with my head at the end of my bed, nursing on Seth’s throbbing hard cock. Feeling Ricks hard dick thrusting in and out of me slow and deep, was bringing me closer to orgasm with each long thrust. I felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I was going to cum all over Rick. I began to scream, begging him to fill me, working my pussy back against his cock. I felt him swelling, and I wrapped my legs around him, widening my eyes and looking at those slats. He moaned loudly and filled me, I felt his cock spasm as he flooded me. I smiled, gazing toward the closet.

” My Turn” Seth grabbed my hips, flipping me over. ” Get on your knees for me” God, he sounded like Leo. Coming from Seth it sounded more like a question, from Leo, it would have been a demand. I rose up to my knees, my pussy a bit messy, Seth didn’t seem to mind. His cock was hard and ready, he dipped it into me, and never stopped. I stared at those slats while he fucked me from behind. Rick kissed me, and played with my hair, while his older brother fucked me. I kept staring at the closet, moaning and screaming  like it was the greatest fuck I’d ever had. Bracing myself, I began fucking him back. He started warning me of his upcoming wad, and I pushed back harder and faster, screaming how badly I wanted it. He thrusted hard and deep, making me cum all over his cock, as he filled my sweet pussy, yet again.

I kissed each of the brothers, and made them promise to keep this our little secret.

But I had no idea what was waiting for me in the closet…

(stay tuned for Cuckold Revenge part III)

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