Cuckold Revenge

Cuckold Revenge – Recently a friend of mine found out he was a cuckold. LOL, I knew it all along. But it got me thinking… how many of you DON’T know you are being cuckolded? or how many of you do.. and seek revenge?

I wrote this shit to help you out!

Feel like you are a pathetic cuckold? Your cunt girlfriend cheated? That nagging wife has been banging your neighbor? Your regular girl has started taking the black cock from the local nightclub on a regular basis (and liking it more than you)? Call me. Because if there is one thing I love (and I do mean LOVE) is to be fucked hard and angry and to have my pussy, mouth, and tight little asshole used for what it has been built for: revenge sex!

Just to help your cuckolded cock get ready for the call, I thought I would share a few of my tips for the hottest, kinkiest, and best revenge sex you can imagine.

Rule #1: Sex is fucking amazing when you are angry.

Unlike that cheating bitch you left behind, I am fucking turned on by your anger. Pound my pussy, twist my hair, pinch my arms as you drive into me from behind. I will scream for more, I promise. Think about all the things you hate about her, and let that anger flow into your cock. Get hard, and go! Fucking me angry is one of the best ways to get rid of all that self-loathing and betrayal that led her to cheat on you in the first place, so put all your effort into it. I can take everything you can throw my way, trust me.

Rule #2: Sexual chemistry is a real thing.

You obviously lost it with her, which is one of the reasons she was riding another dude’s cock. But with me, you can get that mojo back for the simple reasons that (a) I want to fuck you, and (b)… well, simply look at my pics, and tell me honestly: have you seen a hotter, sexier, or more fuck-able woman anywhere that can compare? Want earth-shattering oral? Check out my full, luscious lips. Titty fuck? I will hold you between these babies til you cum in hot streams. If you are into it, I am your girl, so consider chemistry class underway.

Rule #3: No-strings can be very fun.

Get this straight. I don’t want a ring, the house in the suburbs, or any kind of commitment. Ever. All I want is your cock, your tongue, your fingers, and your stamina. No nagging, no expectations, no cuddling (unless you want to, of course). Think about it. The best sex of your life with no expectations. Seriously. Do I really have to explain this rule at all?

Rule: #4: Fucking is way better than grieving.

She cheated on you, I get it. But your cock still works, so what better way to fix that pathetic broken heart than to ride me like a fucking wild horse for a few nights. Believe me, getting back into the game is way better than sitting on the sidelines lamenting the past. Hearing me scream with pleasure as you bury that gorgeous cock of your deep into my wet pussy will soon have you forgetting what’s her name. Of course, you will hear all that pop psychology shit about giving yourself time to heal. Ignore it. Life is short, you are hard as hell, and there is nothing more healing than to watch my red-hair fly as I bounce up and down for a few hours on that thick shaft of yours.

Finally, Rule #5: Revenge sex is ALWAYS liberating.

You have been bottled up like a fucking genie for too long now. Blow the lid of that bottle, and bring on the kink, baby. From toys to pain to full-on porn calls, we can let your imagination run free as you look to get rid of those memories of that plain-ass, missionary only, the begging-for-sex reality that was your life before now. Want me in sky-high heels and leather? Just ask. Want your cock sucked under the restaurant table? I won’t let a drop go to waste.

Maybe you don’t even know you’re a cuckold? *giggle* this blog is sure to open your eyes to a few things.

Revenge sex on your mind? Don’t debate with yourself. Pick up the fucking phone and call.


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