A Cuckold Revenge: A Cum filled Finale

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I stared at those slats in the closet, pulling a pair of panties back up covering my cum filled pussy. Seth emerged from the restroom, and said he had to get home. Before leaving, he kissed me, and told me he couldn’t wait to do it again. I showed him out. Rick stayed a little longer, and just as I expected, he needed some after care. I sat with him on my bed, and he kissed me softly. We were in perfect view of my closet. He said the sweetest things, and offered to take me to dinner sometime. I smiled and told him to call me and maybe we could work something out. He hugged and kissed me, in front of the closet. I stared, with a wicked smile beaming across my face. I kissed Rick sweetly, and sent him on his way.

After all, I did have the eldest brother bound and angry in my closet.

I closed the door, blowing a kiss to Rick as he left my drive. I slowly walked back through the rooms in my house, until I reached my bedroom. I Pulled the closet door open.

Leo, was red faced, and sweating. My brow arched as I looked over his glistening body. He glared at me, and he was breathing heavy. I looked down and saw his hard as a rock COCK, had been leaking everywhere. ” Ohhh my Leo, I see you liked the show” I giggled. He said what I heard to be ” You BITCH!”.  ” Awwwww, Leo, that’s not nice… now you do want me to take those filthy panties our of your mouth don’t you?” He shook his head, yes.  ” Are you going to be a good boy if I do?” Again, Leo shook his head yes.

I slowly pulled the duct tape from his mouth, and pulled my panties out. His mouth was so dry. I kissed him gently. His cock still hard as ever. I toyed with him. Running my long fingers up and down his shaft. He was still restrained. ” Are you thirsty Leo?” He managed a breathy ” Yes”. ” Did you enjoy watching your brothers fuck me?” He glared, and snarled his lip.

” Untie me Anna- I have been tied in here for hours, and I need to use the bathroom.” My mind told me that he was pissed, and as soon as I untied him, he would pounce. But I knew I couldn’t keep him like that forever. I figured I would suffer the consequences. I began untying Leo. He rubbed his wrists, and I had only gotten his torso halfway untied, before he yanked himself free, dragging the rope into the bathroom with him. He didn’t speak.

*He is REALLY PISSED* I thought to myself. * I went too far*

I sat on the edge of my bed, waiting, like a daughter in trouble with her daddy. Leo came from the bathroom, pants undone and rope in hand. ” Hands NOW!” I offered my hands to him, he was rough wrangling my wrist, and pulling my arm behind me. He snatched my other wrist and began knotting the two together. ” You Liked fucking my little brothers? MAKING ME WATCH THAT SHIT?” After binding me, he pushed me back on the bed.

” Ohhhh, are you in trouble you little bitch” He snatched my fishnet dress, ripping the side. I winced. Then Leo tore it off of me. ” And what’s THIS?” He said pinching my panties. ” Ohhh but you stuffed YOUR panties into my mouth ANNA, so these are a whole new pair?” He stood in a sexy thinking stance, I was terrified and turned on at the same time. He ripped the side and yanked them off.

He saw the CROTCH. ” And who the FUCK do you think you are ANNA? Trying to Cuckold me?? Did you like it? My brothers kissing you, and licking you… and FUCKING you… and to top it ALL off.. Filling your pussy?!?!?!?!?”

He shoved the cum covered panties in my mouth, and reunited me with duct tape. I couldn’t scream, or move my arms. Leo Flipped me over on his lap and began spanking my ass hard. ” Whap Whap WHAP!” I would scream a muffled scream, but he kept spanking, and touching my cum filled pussy. ” I am NO CUCKOLD!” with each word his hand met my ass harder. It began to burn and sting. My eyes were stinging too, I couldn’t keep the tears from flowing. He flipped me over on my back, and shoved his fingers into me, touching his brothers cum, rubbing it into me. He even licked some from his fingers, and looking down at me, he said ” Tastes like a nasty whore”

Leo held my legs at my ankles, and shoved his hard cock inside me. ” So wet and nasty, you fucking BITCH!” He fucked me harder. I watched him, his anger and rage mixed with how hard he was fucking me was going to make me squirt all over him. I guess he could feel that I was getting extra wet. Because he pulled out, and yanked the tape and panties from my mouth. ” Suck my brothers Cum Off my cock, you fucking whore!” I cleaned him, moving my restricted body as much as I could. He shoved the head of his cock into the meat of my cheek and slapped my face with his hand.

He returned to my pussy, fucking me harder and harder.


“It’s your pussy Leo, IT’s YOURS!”

He began to swell, and I begged him to fill me. He started moaning and grunting plunging deep into my sweet stretched cunt. Filling and spilling his seed inside me.

He made me lie there for hours on my back with my legs up. Staking His claim in me. I know how he was trying to get a cuckold revenge… he was trying to own me… he was trying to get me pregnant with cuckold.

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