Finding yourself further emasculated by the day in a cuckold relationship? You’re not alone.

Are you in a cuckold relationship? Do you just dream of being in a cuckold relationship? Nowadays, it seems like my phone is ringing off the hook with “men” who all have the same sob story to tell: they’re being cuckolded.

Whether their wife has been an openly insatiable whore for BBC since before they were married or she’s just been hinting lately about inviting a real man into the bedroom, most cucks have similar questions. “Is it just easier if I give in?”

My answer (i.e., THE answer) is always the same: YES!!

It doesn’t matter if the hangup in question is about letting your wife bring a stud into the bedroom or deciding whether to go through with the castration she’s mandated for you. Consider me and our feminization phone sex call your professional consultation, before and after the procedure!

This “problem” isn’t going to go away, but your silly obsession with (jerking off and) thinking of it as a “problem” needs to end. Our phone sex therapy sessions will provide you with the sense of worthlessness and utter devalued-ness that will come in handy moving forward in your marriage. Here are some of the tools we’ll be using:

Disempowering language. As a cuckold, you are not a man. You have no business knowing or even prying into “what your wife’s been up to.” You have no business impeding her empowering process of sexual fulfillment. You are not entitled to her, nor to ANY type of sexual fulfillment. Not now, not ever.

Blaming yourself. At the end of the (miserable, sexless day), there’s no one to blame for what’s going on in your life except you. Be honest. You wanted this to happen, at least at one time. You’ll never be a real man again no matter how much you face the music. But you have to suffer the consequences of your perverted wishes, so you’re going to learn to do it anyway!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke