“Help, I’m in a cuckold relationship!”

Are YOU “trapped” in a cuckold relationship? Whether you were (unwittingly, no doubt) part-catalyst or whether this whole thing your wife is doing really is all “forced,” I know you’re looking for cuckold phone sex advice. And I’m sure you want a (sympathetic? or sadistic?) ear to confess every twisted, taboo detail to as well, don’t you?

Here are some TELLTALE signs/stages of a cuckold relationship:

  1. She gets home late after “a night with the girls” and is eager to have you eat her pussy. You notice her panties are already wet when you go down to pull them off. And . . . her cum tastes different, doesn’t it?
  2. After it’s finally out in the open that she’s done pretending to want to fuck you, etc., there will be a transition phase. It will start with small things, like her not even telling you she’s going out anymore. Soon she’ll be bringing guys home without even telling you. Do you still pretend to be asleep on the couch while you hear him fucking her?
  3. You sleep on the couch permanently. She doesn’t even let you clean her dirty pussy anymore. You can’t remember the last time you got any pussy, actually. Every day is just serving your new Master and HIS wife, i.e. the wife formerly known as “your wife.” And every night is just deeper down the internet k-hole that is “Femdom Cuckold Porn.”
  4. You work in the office all day, then get back to work at home. You’re the breadwinner and the lone do-er of any and all “reproductive labor.” The “second shift” really sucks, doesn’t it? Sad but true. So is your cuckold relationship life!!

Does any of that sound familiar? Does anything RESONATE with you? Perfect. Call me with your cuckold phone sex confessions. I’m right here, waiting to hear them ALL!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke