A Cuckold POV

This is a true sex story sent to me by my new favorite cuck, Chris! His story is told from the cuckold POV and it paints the perfect picture of what it is like to be inferior to a big black cock. When he watched his fiancee suck and fuck another man, he finally found his biggest turn on. Now everyday is Big Black Cock Friday in his house, of course! Dive into his humiliating truths about being a cuck!

Cuckold POV: The Hottest Blowjob

I stood there and watched as my fiancee dropped down to her knees in front of a total stranger. She stared up at him as she unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants. His massive, erect penis sprung from his briefs and danced in front of her face. Her eyes lit up and her mouth began to water. Then she reached out and cupped his balls in her left hand and grabbed the base of his enormous black cock with her right. She kissed it once and giggled. How that giggle made my cock twitch!

Then slowly, she dropped her mouth down on his dick. He closed his eyes and rolled his head back. His moans rippled across the room into my ears, reminding me that his cock was penetrating my fiance’s mouth. As I was watching, I became aroused and embarrassed all at once. The humiliation of the moment found itself manifesting in the head of my cock, which is still tucked away tightly in my boxers, under my khakis. I slid my hand in my pocket and started to rub. Just then, my fiancee pulled down her yoga pants and revealed her beautiful bubble butt and adorable pink thong, snugly wedged in her perfect ass.

My Accidental Orgasm

The sight of her like this, the big cock in her mouth and her ass exposed, awakened something in me. My cock was throbbing through my pants. My head began to spin, and soon my knees buckled. The room shook, and before I knew it, streams of hot cum were shooting down my leg and into my khakis. I looked up and I saw him. He was staring at me with a menacing grin. I knew that he had seen my first accidental orgasm. Then he winked at me. It was clear that he had said, “Your secret is safe with me.” As I sunk over in shame, he went back to enjoying my fiance’s warm, wet, and inviting mouth.

Cuckold POV: Another Man Inside Of My Fiancee

When my fiancee was ready to feel the big black cock stretch her tight pussy, she climbed up onto the bed. She waited for him on her hands and knees, flashing a quick smile to me. He positioned himself on the bed behind her. He had his back turned to me, as if I wasn’t even there. It was the most emasculating feeling I had ever experienced. He knew that I was of no threat to him at all, even as he thrust his dark, throbbing fuckstick into my fiance.

I was just as impressed as I was intimidated, watching as he held himself above her with his beautiful black arms. He thrusted himself deep inside of her as she let out the most erotic moans. I had lost all control. Then I dropped my khakis down to my ankles and started stroking full speed. I quickly felt the tingling sensation at the base of my prick that precedes every rocket launching orgasm. As the huge cock came deep inside of my fiancee’s ready pussy, I busted my loser load over my stomach.

Creampie Cleanup

When he pulled his enormous cock out of her dripping wet pussy, I watched as his cum flowed out like a forbidden waterfall. My mouth watered and my fiancee called me over to her. She pointed down towards her freshly fucked hole. Then I climbed in between her legs and cleaned the mess another man had made. It was the final initiation into my role as a BBC cuck.

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