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Every year when my aunt comes over she always shows my mom these cuckold pics she takes of every new boyfriend. This time when she came over she brought her most recent guy friend and all their cuckold pics. My aunt is a shameless woman she went around showing every adult at the dinner table. My aunt’s new boyfriend was a lot hotter than any of the other guys she has dated.

Plus he looked pretty young as well.

When she brought the cuckold pics around to me I couldn’t help but stare at the pictures. Looking at her boyfriend lick the cum out of her with a smile on his face turned me on so much. Later that night I invited my friend Eddie over and asked him for some help. My idea was to make my aunt’s hot boyfriend let me cuckold him. I waited until everyone was asleep when I crept into my aunt’s room and woke her boyfriend up.

I kissed his lips and he opened his eyes quickly gazing at me for a few moments when he realized who I was. Before he could speak, I whispered in his ear come downstairs with me or I’ll tell everyone you know about those cuckold pics. How you enjoy watching your girlfriend have hardcore sex so you can clean it all up afterward. A little hesitant he followed me downstairs to my room. I stripped down to nothing and climb on the bed Eddie was waiting for me in. Then I said you’re no longer going be cuckold by just my aunt your face deserves to clean up all my messes as well…

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