Cuckold Men Training is my favorite pastime.  You know you have a kinky craving for the alternative lifestyle of being a cuckold man and I’m here to exploit your hidden needs. Step into my world if you dare – training is intense and not for the weak or jealous.  All things considered, I want only the willing men who know their role and are ready to give themselves to me like a hungry trained cuckie.

Cuckold Men Training simply starts with you watching and learning.   Your role is very simple you sit and wait.   You would be considered the benchwarmer of the football team.  Never the first string and never getting any action. It truly sucks to be you.

The season of Cuckold Men Training begins with me smothering you with my cream-filled pussy.  Nonetheless, there’s nothing you crave more than the taste of another man’s cum deep in my cunt.  Your tongue begins to pleasure me as I begin to describe an instant replay of the evening.   You were there and you were watching.  Now it’s time for you to get your job done as part of the team.

Softly I whisper, “I just can help myself. Like you starving for my cum filled pussy and ass.  I keep going back for more.”

Play by play I describe in detail, as I grind myself harder down on your face.  Your cuckold training becomes intense as you slurp every drop out of both my cum filled holes.  The vision of him fucking me drives you insane.  I can’t get enough of his cock deep inside my holes, as you watch.  You know the look of pleasure.  Soon you can see it in my eyes as he fucks me deeper and harder. Then there’s nothing you want more than to pleasure me with your tongue the way he did with his throbbing 9-inch cock..

Moreover, you continue your Cuckold Men Training, as I smother you and ride your tongue like a hungry cock.  I can’t help myself as I grind down. “Tongue fuck my cream-filled holes,” I say as the scent of another man’s cum escapes my pussy. You can’t get enough of the taste.

For the most part, Cuckold Men Training doesn’t stop there. I whisper” Move your face closer,” as I tempt and tease you his hard cock. “Want to taste my juices on his cock as he fucks me?” In the long run, I now Now own you my slurp slut cum cleaner, I want you to worship my ass and cunt.  Soon you will be caged and not permitted to cum. This training will become intense and you will need extreme discipline. Are you ready for the challenge?  Only EAGER fucks need apply!!!

Cuckold Men Training: Time to have your limits pushed

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