My Unknowing Cuckold husband

I tied my husband securely onto the wooden chair. A foolish grin spread onto his face thinking that I was about to offer him a rare kinky delight. The truth was far from it. I had found out about his affair, and now he was going to pay.

I removed his small black blindfold to reveal that there was in fact another man in the room. Before my husband could mutter a word, I forcefully grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled it backwards so that his mouth formed an opening large enough for me to ram a ball gag into his open lips.

He was about to find out how it feels to be betrayed. He was lucky enough to have the front row seat.

I pushed the other man onto the bed and began to seductively dance, undressing sensually as I swayed my hips just an inch away from his. I dropped my silky robe to reveal that I was wearing nothing underneath but my sheer, lace-top stockings. They glimmered in the lighting of the room as the other man began to trace his hands up my thigh.

I didn’t waste any time. I pushed his shoulders onto the mattress and mounted him. “It hurts, doesn’t it?” I said dryly as I stared coldly into my husbands eyes, the other man’s cock wrapped tightly in the moist walls of my pussy. I began to rock my hips back and forth, letting out exaggerated moans of pleasure as I rode him. Although admittedly the size his cock was bigger than that of my husband’s anyway.

It ripped into my cunt, sliding deeper and deeper with every motion that my hips made.

After a while, I used my hands to guide his erection out of my slit before I rolled onto my front and perked my ass cheeks in the air behind me as I crawled across the surface of the bed, inviting him to mount me from behind. As his palm gripped my shoulder for leverage, I stared into my husband’s eyes as he watched on in horror. I could tell that I was achieving the effect that I desired – his skin was rapidly draining of colour, and he was beginning to sweat in anger. This had been months in planning, ever since I found out about him And his slut of a mistress. He finally knew how I felt…the perfect way to cuckold him.

Eventually, I felt a rush of cum detonate into the roof of my pussy, making me moan in pleasure as I began to orgasm under the prowess of the other man as he expertly drilled me with his dick.

After he had collapsed onto the bed, grunting with pleasure. I delved my finger into my pussy, collecting a sample of his cum on my fingertips. I rose to my feet, strolling confidently across the bedroom floor. Through a gap between my husband’s lips, I dropped the remainder of the semen into his mouth before I knelt next to him, digging my fingers into the flesh of his cheeks as I cupped his chin in my palm. “You taste that? That’s the taste of revenge,” I smirked, “And just for the record, he’s a better fuck than you’ll ever be.”

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