Cuckold my future husband the night before our wedding!

Cuckold my future husband the night before our wedding! It was the night before my wedding. When I realized I am never supposed to fuck another man ever again. My Fiance does not have a big cock but we get along in other ways. So it was the night of our dinner and wedding rehearsal. We did the wedding rehearsal first then we went out to eat. We chose to eat at the restaurant catering our wedding. As everyone sat down to eat I caught the waiter looking at me like only men do. He was absolutely sexy! Looked like he should have been a model instead of a waiter.

He was tall and muscular with the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen. Looking into his eyes was like looking into the ocean in the Caribbean. I found myself lost in his eyes completely speechless and unable to speak. That has never happened to me before I was completely dumbfounded. Anyways after I collected myself I ordered my food and try to pretend that I didn’t just make a fool of myself! Our food comes and mine came with a little special note. The note said “I know you are getting married tomorrow… But I want to fuck you so bad! Call me 555-555-5555.” Immediately I hide the note with butterflies in my tummy.

Cuckold my future husband the night before our wedding!

I texted him as soon as I left the restaurant. He met me at my hotel room because the future hubby decided to separate for our rooms for our last night of freedom. You know its bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. Fast forwarding a little… The sexy waiter showed up looking delicious. One thing leads to another and next thing I know I’m laying flat on my back and he is balls deep inside of me fucking me. We were really going at it when I looked up and saw my future husband with his cock in his hand watching us.

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