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Zack and Claire,  an extremely rich couple in their late 30’s, that live across the street. The “perfect couple” one would think. They were married for years and always looking for more.  Blonde hair, blue-eyed – Totally sexy, built like a brick house.  Zack asked, “how do you keep your relationship sizzling?” Claire just smiled, winked at Zack and responded: “We have our ways.”  Zack and I walked inside the house, to get a couple of shots.

Meanwhile, I continued flirting with him, as a window of opportunity presented itself that I couldn’t refuse.  The bulge in his pants was huge and I want my share of it.  For one thing, I was totally positive, I knew I turned him on and he could never refuse me.  He was so hard, I thought his cock would rip through his jeans. I couldn’t help myself.  I dropped to my knees and tore his zipper open.  Was it the shots or my eagerness to get to that throbbing piece of meat? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I finally freed him and saw that thick rod.  It took just seconds, for me to get his cock down my throat. Soon I was sucking, teasing and deep-throating him in one swallow.

Opening my eyes, I noticed My boyfriend and Claire standing in the doorway.  Without hesitation, we moved our private party to the spare bedroom.  With this in mind, Clare didn’t need to be persuaded.  Without hesitation, she took my boyfriend’s throbbing cock into her mouth.  I slowly played with my wet pussy as I watched her deep throat him.  Zack’s breathing grew deeper and his cock stroking became more aggressive. He couldn’t get enough, as he watched.  Slowly,  my boyfriend lifted Claire’s dress and slipped his cock deep inside her wet twat. Fucking her deep and hard. Beads of sweat dripping off her forehead, as he slid one finger into her tight – hungry ass.

Consequently, Zack is the perfect cuckie as he stroked his cock with eager anticipation.  He desperately watched, as my boyfriend filled his horny wife’s twat with creamy cum.  Yummy cum filled pussy, cream pie waiting for dessert. The perfect cuckold relationship.   Zack starved, like a hungry animal waiting to be fed.  Claire and my boyfriend collapsed to the floor.  Furthermore, without hesitation, Zack crawled up between Claire’s creamy thighs. Lapping up all the creamy goodness.

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Cuckold Husband Sex Stories