Cuckold husband fantasy

Sometimes I just get an idea that is so hot it turns into a fantasy for me. My newest cuckold husband fantasy is a little taboo. There are so many cuckold fantasies but this one fantasy I’m dying to try! You come home a long hard day at work and the house is quiet. Well, sort of. You go to walk into the bedroom and through he cracked door you see me sprawled out naked on the bed. Instead of walking in you stop to admire the sexiness. Then the master bathroom door opens and you realize I am not alone. You can’t see his face only his back side. He walks across the room, naked, and gets into bed with me. No it’s not innocent cuddles and the way we kiss tells you everything. As you watch us kiss, you see my legs wrap around his waist.

That’s not just kissing you see, we are fucking. He thrust inside me and I am screaming with pleasure. In fact, you’ve never heard me scream like that when you fuck me. The noises I am making you have NEVER heard me make before. You can’t believe your cock is getting hard watching this. Who is this guy giving your cheating wife such pleasure? He picks me up and flips me into doggy style position. Then he gets behind me and you can now see his face. It’s your son! You barge into the bedroom demanding answers. But if you’re so mad then why is your cock hard? I show you how big your son’s cock is. There is no way I could turn down a big dick like that. Then I tell you I have been fucking your son for awhile now.

Forced to watch

The more I confess the harder you get. I pull Chris over to me and start stroking his big dick in front of you. Your flustered but I can see you love watching me touch your son. I put his cock into my mouth and you watch as I suck your son’s cock. I tell Chris “Don’t be shy just pretend he’s not even here.” Chris grabs my head and fucks my face. You’re watching while your cock twitches in your pants. You are so confused why your cock is getting harder. Then you try to leave the room until I stop you and force you to watch. I tell continue to degrade you. “This is what a big cock looks like.” As you think back you realized I never sucked your cock. I lick his dripping head then torturing you telling you how good your son taste.

I unzip your pants revealing your hard cock. And even though you’re hard your cock still doesn’t even compare to his big dick. Chris throws me back into doggy style and presumes fucking me. As he pounds into my pussy I beg for him to fuck me hard. I confess to you every orgasm with you was faked. Your little dick never did anything for me! How humiliating is it for you to see your son makes me cum and you don’t? I told you my cuckold husband fantasy was a little taboo. Chris fucks me so hard I cum all over his cock. Then I pull that big dick out of me and show it to you. I grab you by the head and push your face down to his cock. “Look at that,” I tell you. Now that’s what you’re supposed to make a woman do.

Get used to this new me

Things are starting to make sense, aren’t they? Then I shove your face down on Chris’s cock forcing him into your mouth. I make you suck his creamy cock clean. Then when you’re done with him I make you clean me up. That’s right! My pussy is full of your son’s cum and you will lick it out. I hope you like this new lifestyle because I am not changing it. I like most things kinky, small penis humiliation, cuckolding and role-plays. Ready to play out my cuckold husband fantasy or do you just need to hear real cheating wife sex stories? Call me for the best phone sex ever!