Cuckold humiliation may be something you are not used to hearing in your life. However, after I allowed you to buy me a few drinks I knew it was what you really needed. You see, there is a kind of pathetic lingering in your voice. Although, I know you have not been with a hot babe like me in quite some time. After all, I am a fucking Goddess and you are a miserable sack of shit. Did you really think you were going to be able to sleep with me? Follow me down the rabbit hole still. After all, your sick desperation begs for me to just even look at your miserable white pecker.

Cuckold Humiliation Is The Reality Check You Need From A Teen Like Me!

However, once we get back to my apartment it will become very evident that you are not going to be the one I fuck today. Although, I did invite you back to my apartment and your dumb ass thinks that is the smallest sign of hope. After all, even if I would just kiss it once your life would be complete. That will not be happening for you today, however. Your heart will sink to your stomach as you watch my black friend walk into my apartment behind. you.

I am sure by now, as you sit on my couch and so does he, you are wondering what is going on. Although I am getting dressed in sexy lingerie, you know that it will not be for you.

A huge 10-inch dick hangs next to his thigh.

Upon exiting my room I will order the two of you to stand side by side naked. My friend can barely contain his side smile as he stands up removing his shorts and tossing his pants to the ground. That is exactly what I am talking about! A huge 10-inch dick hangs next to his thigh.

Yum! A big that big makes my mouth water and my pussy drool. After all, I love taking big black cock deep inside my fucking pussy. However, you still stand there nervous trying to hold your clothes in place. Sternly I will order them from your body. You are too horny and pathetic to leave, but you know that you have nothing on him. So as you hesitantly remove your clothes and throw them to the ground you take your humiliating spot next to my big black cock’d friend.

My laughter pierces your ears like the sound of laughing hyenas!

My laughter pierces your ears like the sound of laughing hyenas! How fucking pathetic are you? Who would purposefully stand next to a 10-inch dick and humiliate himself? Oh well, I am almost certain that you thought I would feel sorry for you. You tiny little shrimp dick is only a few inches. I would never touch that. After all, I am a fucking size Queen and I make damn sure not to ride anything that will not satisfy me. Surely you would not expect a superior teen babe like me to touch something so unworthy of my attention. Don’t worry little slut we will humiliate you the entire time he plows into my tight teen cunt. If you are lucky you might get the leftovers. The ultimate cuckold humiliation.

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