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For weeks we dated and you never got a slice of me. It takes a certain kind of man to believe that this fucking slut was abstinent. However, there was no way for me to avoid the subject any longer. So what better way for me to break the news than with an xxx picture of me taking a cock 4 times the size of your useless fuck stick? I imagine you held that image on your phone in tears as your cock stiffened. I hope you cried at the thought that your pretty Princess was a sausage Queen. However, defeated in your moment you sat on the edge of your bed and rubbed out your tiny useless itty bitty dicky. You knew from that picture you were nowhere near a man, and you would never please me.

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After all, I am quite a catch. We don’t make it to dinner though do we? Once you answer the door to me standing before you in a tiny dress your cock begins to twitch. Then, when you see my big black play toy standing behind you, to your knees you fall. You begin to remind me how worthless you are. However, that is not enough for me. You are going to watch as he fucks me. Although you are going to enjoy it you are going to watch how a real man fucks my tight teen pussy. How it looks as he stretches me open, stuffing every inch of his big black cock inside me. Listen to me scream out begging for his balls to beat against my dripping wet cunt. I will do this laughing at you the entire time you pathetic idiot.

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