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Recently, cuckold humiliation is making me so hot when I think about it!  I need a few new cuckold stories, can you help?  I’ve tried it a couple of times with a guy watching me fuck and suck big black cock. But, I really want to kick it up a notch.  I’ve been such a naughty little whore, and someone brought it up on a call that it would be so kinky to have my daddy watch me get fucked so hard!  I could tell him how dirty his little girl has been…

Don’t you agree?  Putting my daddy in a corner, then eating my tiny pink pussy while I loudly moan about how good it feels.  I think daddy’s little cock would get so hard, knowing his little girl gets fucked all the time!  I need it so badly!  Having someone spank my tight little ass like daddy used to do, so he can see just how much I LOVE it, and think about how wet I am getting spanked.  Guess he should have played with me all along, huh?

I need a cuckold partner for daddy.  You can get him underneath you, trying to suck on your balls while they slap my against my wet little slit.  Can’t you just see it now?  Making daddy suck your cock so it’s ready to fuck your little girl. Shoving it down his throat for being such a small, stupid man?

 I am dripping wet right now, wanna feel it?

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