Cuckold Humiliation: I’ll make you my bitch if you can’t make me cum

I was dating a guy named Chris and things were good in the beginning. He was very handsome, very kind, he treated me like a queen and everything was almost perfect. The only bad thing about it was the sex. Chris was awesome when it came to oral sex. He had a magical tongue! When it came to actually fucking, he was horrible. He never made me cum and after so long, I couldn’t take it anymore. I always tried to find a way to make it better. Then I started reading up on cuckold humiliation and other fun things.

We tried using different toys and even foods to make things more exciting. No matter what we tried nothing made a difference. I finally started looking at him like he was less of a man because he couldn’t make me cum. Once that mindset settled in, it was the start of something completely different. One night I had an old friend come over. He was someone that knew every inch of my body and all the things that made me feel good. His name was Nick and he could make me cum over and over again.

I told Nick that Chris would be over soon and I wanted him to be balls-deep inside me when Chris came through the door.

With no hesitation, Nick started kissing and licking all over my body, from head to toe. After a little foreplay, my pussy was soaking wet and ready for dick. When he slid inside me, I almost came instantly. It had been so long since I had a good dick, it was hard to keep calm.

A few minutes later Chris walked in the bedroom and his jaw dropped when he saw Nick fucking me in ways he never could. Before he could say anything, I told him to come to sit next to me a stroke his tiny cock while he watched me get fucked. He did as he was told, but he was still in shock. I felt Nick’s dick pulsating inside me, I knew he was about to cum. I told Chris to get ready and forced his face to my pussy once Nick filled me with cum. He was hesitant and uncertain. I told him to be a good bitch and do as I said. Since he couldn’t make me cum, I was making him my bitch.

Wow, all of this cuckold humiliation talk has me all worked up. Tell me about your cuckold stories, We’ll have the best cuckold phonesex ever!

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