Cuckold humiliation makes your (useless) dick hard.

Do you love cuckold humiliation? Whether your “cock” is little or just lifeless, I’m going to remind you EXACTLY how and why you’re fucking impotent regardless.

What really cracks me up is when a new cuck phones in to my sex hotline and confesses not only is he a dud in the sack, he’s “not even that good with his mouth.” Oh, and then there’s the classic “my dick is 7 inches, I’m just bad at fucking” line. Ha. That must be hard. Or, I guess, soft (i.e., FLACCID), actually!

One of my favorite lines for me to (viciously) deliver is some variation on how it’s even MORE pathetic that your wife isn’t even cuckolding you, you just WISH she was. Little does she know why you can get it up during “normal sex.” Somehow that’s even MORE tragically pathetic than ACTUALLY being cuckolded. Know what I mean, bitch??

If only your poor (and maybe also made up, Goddess only knows) wife/girlfriend/etc knew the hours you spent watching cuckold porn. I mean for fuck’s sake, maybe if you spent half the time you waste glued to “BBC Cuckold Inferior White Cock” themed screens actually TRYING to LEARN to give decent head, give your wife an actual orgasm.

Well, then maybe you wouldn’t be the limp, listless cuck fucking LOSER you are.

Speaking of your wife’s pleasure, have you ever actually made her cum? I’ve heard the answer “no” to that question so many times now (in varying degrees of sheepish-ness), but guess what? It STILL makes me laugh. And that’s why you’re really calling me, right? To have a beautiful, smart, sexually superior woman like myself cackle at you like a sexy villainess?

Good. I could use another good laugh. Right about now, actually!!!! And you are in desperate need of humiliation therapy phone sex.

Looking for femdom phonesex at its CRUELEST (and wittiest)? I can give you the brutal cuckold humiliation you crave.