cuckold humiliation of my husband Steve

I was a good little wife of less than a year when Steve forced cuckold humiliation on us both. He had broken something worth thousands of dollars and Rod his boss threatened to have Steve arrested… unless Rod got to fuck me.

I will never forget the look on Steve’s face as I felt Rod’s cock enter me.  LOL, or the feel of such a fat cock stretching my cunt. I do not know when exactly it happened but at some point over the next month, I lost all respect for Steve. As well as learned to love the feel of Steve eating another man’s cum from my pussy.

The first few times when Steve forced me to allow Rod to fuck me it was nonviolent rape. But a month later I got my first black phone sex stories when I had a bull breed me. When I started to fuck big black men and have they breed me, cum deep in my pussy. Then I would go home and have Steve eat their cum out… well LOL by then I loved to cuckold humiliate Steve. He forced me to learn to love the feel of another man cumming in me and to feel him eat it out of me. I have many cuckolds and humiliation phonesex stories. While there was still a masculine part of him left I loved to force him to dress femme and forced bisexual sex. But I eventually turned him into one of my sissy boys.

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