Cuckold Fun at the Local Gloryhole with My Boyfriend

I’ve had my boyfriend being a little cuckold for quite awhile now. We have also been talking about visiting a local gloryhole. Since I love getting to tell all about my sex stories here is another one for you to enjoy. One day we were driving home from a friend’s house and I was feeling pretty naughty. As we drove passed the xxx store I noticed quite a few cars outside. I told him to stop and he did as he was told. We went inside and I realized that the store was pretty empty compared to the amount of cars in the parking lot. That just meant that there were some guys waiting to be played with in the booths in the back.

I took my boyfriend by the hand and led him to the back. We found an open room and slipped inside. It didn’t take long before a man was sliding his cock in through the hole in the wall. Handing my phone to my boyfriend I told him that he had to video me playing with them. He wasn’t allowed to touch himself unless I gave him permission. He knew his role as a cuckold and he played it well. Taking my phone from me he started to record as I went to town on the new anonymous cock.

I started off teasing it a little and watched it grow.

It was a good 9 inches by the time I had it fully hard. My cuckold boyfriend knows how much I love those big black cocks. I wasted no time slurping away on it. My spit was dripping from my chin and my pussy was dripping just as much in my panties. I finally removed them and stood. Turning away from the wall I bent over and told my boyfriend to line that big cock up for me to slide into my wet cunt.

My boyfriend makes such a good little cuckold!

Like I said before, he does what he’s told! He grabbed that big black cock and aimed it right toward my tight hole. Sliding back, I stretched my pussy with that thick piece of meat. I made my boyfriend get in front of me so I could lean on him while I fucked back onto the dick that was pushed through the wall. It filled me perfectly and touched every spot inside of me. I was squirting my cum all over it and soon after I could tell he was spilling his seed into me as well!

I made my little cuckold bitch get down on his knees and lick it clean. As the anonymous cock slid from my now gaping pussy my boyfriend lapped up every drop of cum. He did such a good job that I let him jerk off in front of me while I made sure he knew he couldn’t please me the way that big dick just did. I think that made him cum even harder! We both dressed and left the store. Since then we make a point to stop in at least once a month. Do you have a local place that you favor every once in a while? Give me a call and let’s have some hot phone sex while we relive some of those moments!