Have you ever experienced a cuckold foot job?

Would you like to experience a cuckold foot job? Are you an incompetent loser who is turned on by feet so much that you’ll settle for watching? You know I only want the best and you’ll never be good enough… so that’s why you have to sit on your hands AND WATCH as I give him everything he wants.

A real man deserves whatever he wants, in every position and in every hole.

Being the kinky dom that I am, my perfect guy is a well hung freak. His dick would get rock hard just slipping off my heels, hot with the anticipation of my beautiful feet inside. He would love licking, kissing and sucking on my toes. Worshiping the high arches of my feet would make his dick want to explode all over them!

I want a handsome, thick and veiny cock that would look GORGEOUS with my feet wrapped around it. I would slowly tease a cock like that, running my toes up and down its shaft. My legs would be positioned so that my pussy is totally spread and exposed as I work it up and down, gripping it tight with both feet.

Doesn’t it look good, cuckold bitch?

Don’t you just wish that I would force your face into this delicious pink pussy while I stroke him off? HA… YOU WISH! You would smell me getting hot and heavy, torturing you and bringing him closer and closer to climax. I wanna work that dick so good that he blows his load all over my beautiful toes. I would play with his cum, watching that delicious syrupy jizz drip down my big toe as I bring it toward my mouth. You wish that I would let you worship my gorgeous feet, I know that you wanna feel my toes against your tongue.

Open up wide and LICK THEM CLEAN! 🙂


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