It was finally time for his big black cuckold debut.

I knew my hung black guy friend saw my brother-in-law as the perfect cuckold, too. His excitement was palpable as he followed my sister towards the master bedroom.

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As soon as my friend left the room, I looked at Kyle. He gulped.

“So, Kyle, what do you think of Vince? Pretty charming, isn’t he?” I said with a sly grin, barely able to contain my own excitement.

Kyle gulped nervously again. “Uh, yeah, how did you say you know him again?”

“Oh, well actually, he and Jess used to date in high school! Crazy, right?”

Kyle was silent. Was it just my imagination, or was a sheen of cold sweat breaking out over his beady-eyed face??

“Oh, Kyle, what? You’re not jealous, are you?” I laughed. Whatever, it was almost showtime . . . and I just couldn’t help myself! “Actually, the little gift we’ve prepared should help with any jealousy you and Jess struggle with in your relationship. I’m sure they’re ready for us now. Shall we?”

I walked giddily across the dining room, pulling Kyle up out of his seat. It wasn’t just my imagination, either . . . he was definitely dripping with a clammy, pathetic white loser-y sweat!

As we approached the bedroom together, my sister’s moans of pleasure grew louder and clearer. I was practically dragging Kyle by the time we walked through the (slightly ajar) door. His jaw dropped when he saw his pretty white wife in bed with our muscular black friend.

“What are you waiting for, bitch? Suck his cock!” my sister demanded. WOW. This was going even better than I’d expected!


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