Cuckold Fantasy: I Brought a Stranger Home From the Bar~ Part One

Do you have a naughty cuckold fantasy? Me too! Having my boyfriend watch me fuck someone else is such a turn on!

I brought a guy home from the bar, knowing that my boyfriend was home.

He was cute, and I could not help it! He was tall, 6ft, with dark almost-black hair and green eyes. We were having fun at the bar, flirting and touching one another, kissing. He didn’t know about my boyfriend at first, but throughout the evening, I told him about him. My naughty friend knew that I was not interested in anything other than sex, so we had a mutual understanding that this was just sex.

He found out about my boyfriend, and get this: HE WAS TURNED ON!

We rushed to my apartment, eager to play with one another. I walked in the door, kissing him and caressing his body as he was caressing mine. My boyfriend was on the couch and stood up when he saw us walk in. He yelled some obscenities at me, but I ignored him and led my new naughty friend to the bedroom, taking his shirt off in the process.

I got onto the bed, and he followed.

We were making out for a bit, while he slid his hand into my panties. Out of the corner of my eye, I see my boyfriend saunter in, watching us. I look over at him, and he has his cock out, stroking it. He was so hard! My naughty little friend starts lifting up my shirt, kissing across my chest, undoing my bra. I reached my hand in his pants, grabbing and caressing his hard cock.

He pulled down his pants and took off his boxers, letting his rock hard 10-inch cock come out into the open. I lowered my head to it, and took the entire length into my mouth, letting it sink into my throat, gagging around the head.


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