Cuckold Fantasy: I Brought a Stranger Home From the Bar~ Part Two

I love a good Cuckold Fantasy Story! My boyfriend was getting so turned on while watching us play, he couldn’t help but stroke his cock. I took my naughty friend’s cock out of my mouth and spit on it, getting it nice and wet. I started stroking it while looking him in the eyes. His cock went back into my mouth, shoving it all the way down my throat, choking on it before coming back up for air. He was stroking my pussy a little harder now and much faster than before. My little cunt was so fucking wet, so I asked him if he wanted to taste it.

I climbed up the bed and straddled his face with my pussy, riding that yummy tongue of his, enjoying every second.

He moaned as I was grinding my pussy on his face, making eye contact with my boyfriend and watching him stroking his cock while watching the sexy scene unfold in front of him. I climbed off of his face, and got on all fours, perching my tight little ass in the air, inviting him to take me completely.

He positioned himself between my legs and was sliding the head up and down my wet little slit, teasing me and my boyfriend who was watching.

Without skipping a beat, he forced his cock into me entirely, making me moan as he filled me up. I looked over at my boyfriend and he was jerking off so fast and hard, enjoying what was happening. He smacked my ass, which I absolutely loved! It drove me crazy and I started pushing myself back onto him. Noticing this, he sped up, pounding his cock into me. My boyfriend came closer and started to cum on my face. The other guy pulled out and came on my ass and back. My body was so covered in cum, and it was amazing. I tried to catch every drop and lick it all up. I was savoring the saltiness that my two friends had given me. ;D

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