I’m throwing a cuckold fantasy party and you’re the honored guest.

That’s right, Honey, My Cuckold. walk into the house to yet another surprise from me.  You’ll see we have some company in various states of undress. I’m wearing my black and raised gold trim corset, with matching panties and bra. Naturally, I have on thigh high stocking and heels.  Immediately, I remove your belt, have you drop your pants, get naked and fasten your leash and collar. I have some friends I want you to meet. Keeping our sex life stimulating and surprising for you is an erotic art.

I lead you into the next room for your cuckold fantasy party, naked, on your leash and ask you to get on your knees in front of three various studs lounging on the couch. I tell you, “What how a real man fucks me,” then I swivel my hips on over and sit on the closest man’s lap. He has an enormous hard-on waiting for me. I face you and slide my wet pussy back and forth on that big cock, while another man starts playing with my full supple breasts and makes my nipples rock hard.  The third guest holds his rock hard dick to my lips and slides it over my wet mouth. with his precum.

I lick his cum up like it’s nectar and take the enormous head in my mouth.  My cheeks bulge. The man beneath me has slid my panties aside and is impaling me of his huge cock. You look away and I yank your leash. “Watch Cuckold!”

The third gentleman gets an idea, walks to you, grabs your hair and says, “I’ll teach him how to pay attention, you cuckold pansy, be my fluffer. While you suck me good and hard to get my rod stiff for your woman.”

He grabs your head and shoves his tool in your mouth, He’s got his hands in your hair and starts skull fucking you. I see you start to dribble precum and order you to stop it. Eventually, you’ll be crawling over here to clean another man’s cum out of my pussy, like a good little cuckold bitch.

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